Tarot Consultation Details

Getting the most from your consultations

With the Tarot, it is important to have your questions ready if you are to get the best from your reading. I don't pretend to be a mind-reader - unfortunately the Spiritualist movement with its history of vaudeville and stage-cabaret has created a situation where people expect miracles or something of a pantomime.


It should be understood, Divination seeks to answer questions or to delve into the complexities of a situation.


Approaching the cards with that cynical 'question', "I want a general" means you will get just that. A reading so general and poorly focused that you will be wasting your money and time.


Caveat emptor! I will not indulge in any form of cold-reading - so please don't ask if you have "any connection with an R", the "number 7" or if there is a vowel in your name (!). None of this is to suggest that the cards can't be specific.


Once we know the situation we're dealing with, the cards can be remarkably specific and their accuracy and success rate is why I have stuck with them so closely for over three decades. 


 A Note on 'predictions' and issue of timing


I will address these issues here to save time discussing such matters during a reading. I am often asked what is my "success rate" - such a question is difficult to answer, though as stated above, I wouldn't have stayed with the cards for so long if they didn't seem to get it right an overwhelming majority of the time. This being said, the area of 'timing' can be a tricky one for some people.

It is my firm belief that no honest reader can make long-term predictions as too much depends on the way the questioner approaches the next chapter of events.


Long term potential can be looked at, but one must remember that we all have a role to play in how these things unfold. The cards may say there is the potential for setting up house and home with someone, but if you then start insulting and attacking that person on a daily basis, that potential is bound to wane and one can't blame the cards.

My feeling is that the cards look at events unfolding, the emotional issues driving and directing these events, and the way to get the best out of them - or in some cases, to avoid them altogether.


You must want to engage with the cards. I've had some clients say "I don't want to know what cards I have, just tell me what's going to happen!". In my mind this is an extremely foolish way to approach the cards and also rather insulting. If you prefer a pantomime with simplistic predictions that "all shall be well", I encourage you to seek elsewhere!

I can, however, give some general guidelines on timing, as I have found that 95% of clients will see their results unfold over a two to three-month period.


Others will have to wait longer while a tiny minority may have to wait a considerable length of time. External factors and the fact that some people are unable to turn intent into action is a huge contributing factor in this.


Please be aware that as a professional Tarot reader, there are certain areas I am unable and unwilling to explore or discuss with clients. These include health matters, legal and financial advice and questions concerning death.


I would also stress that a reading must be taken as no more than an occult perspective on your situation and where things appear to be heading. Whether or not you choose to heed or disregard this perspective must be entirely down to your own discretion.