Occult & Talismanic Art

Solar Talisman

Many clients have asked me to supply one-off pieces of Occult or Talismanic art intended to facilitate certain changes in their lives. While I believe in the efficacy of such constructions, as do many of my clients, the legal technicalities that bind all Occult practitioners mean I am only able to supply such services as pieces of Art.

One of the most effective ways to initiate desired change is the creation of a Talisman - a personalised artistic creation that combines certain planetary signs, seals and symbols in order to bring the relevant energies to work in the client's life. These can take many forms, in my practises these are either a classic 4-sided parchment disc to be carried by the client, or a more elaborate single-sheet artwork that can be hung in the home or workplace.

The use of Talismans dates back to the Ancient Egyptian Dynasties and beyond - parts of the Picatrix (an Early Arabian grimoire or book of magic) detail a series of planetary Talismans, some of which are uncannily close to images we find in the Tarot Trumps.


Above are a few examples of hand-drawn talismans created for clients by myself. The first is a simple Solar Talisman created for a client who wanted something to facilitate her confidence and business acumen, something to be hung in the office.

The second is a talismanic image drawn from the grimoire known as the Poule Noire, executed in the correct colours and style.

The third is a rather more elaborate Venus Talisman, prior to personalisation - the blank spaces have been left clear for details relating to the client who requested it.

Once finished, the Talismans are ritually completed on the correct day and in the correct hour in accord with the theologies of practical magic.

Poule Noire



There are many occultists who will charge you thousands of pounds to perform so-called 'magical' work and who 'guarantee' results. I would advise anyone to tread very carefully when dealing with such people.


My own feeling is that it is wrong to charge people for 'magic' and therefore I charge only for the time it takes me to do whatever work is requested. This is charged at the same rate I use for Tarot consultation with a small surcharge for materials used.

Venus talisman

When I work, there is always a material end-result (personalised talisman or artwork etc) which will be supplied to the client once the work is complete.


These are always unique, hand-crafted from scratch and obviously vary widely in design according to their purpose.

Obviously I stand by certain ethics which mean that many requests will be flatly turned down. I will not create talismans to help you bed the person of your dreams, nor will I create a magical artwork to curse your boss (unless he has murdered your firstborn in which case I might reconsider).


The best way forward is to approach me with your particular desires and we can take things from there.


I am also happy to take commissions for one-off pieces of Occult Art - altar-pieces, demonic or angelic portraiture and so forth - for ritual use by other practitioners of the Art. Please contact me with any questions.