Occult & Talismanic Art Services


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What to expect with Occult & Talismanic Art Services

  • Depending on the situation and your request, I will review and recommend the best solution for you within 48-hours of receiving your request.

  • We will have a 30-minute reading prior to starting any work so that I can clearly explain the process and expectations. You will also have the opportunity to ask or clarify anything during the reading.

  • Please provide up to 3x preferred time/dates for your reading and I will confirm one of them or suggest alternatives if those slots are taken. Please note that all timeslots are UK Timezone.  Use this timezone converter to convert to your timezone

    • My working hours are as per below (UK Time)

      • Mon - Fri : 9:00 - 18:00

      • Sat & Sun: By request

  • A few minutes prior to the reading, please make sure you are in a place where you can relax and focus. It's important that you are not distracted during our reading. 

Sounds good? Great! if you're ready to request my services, fill in the form below and we will speak shortly!


Occult & Talismanic Services


Thank you! I look forward to speaking soon!